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ASMENA publications

2011.1 Integration and recording of a reconstituted voltage-gated sodium channel in planar lipid bilayers
A. Studer, S. Demarche, D. Langenegger and L. Tiefenauer
Biosensors & Bioelectroics, 26, 1924-1928 (2011)
2011.2 Techniques for recording reconstituted ion channels
S. Demarche, K. Sugihara, T. Zambelli, J. Vörös and L. Tiefenauer
, 136, 1077-1089 (2010) (2011)
2011.3 Supported lipid bilayer microarrays created by non-contact printing
S. Kaufmann, J. Sobek, M. Textor and E. Reimhult
Lab on a Chip
, 11, 2403-2410 (2011)
2011.4 Binding kinetics of Pleckstrin homology domain PLCd1 to PIP2 containing supported lipi bilayers analyzed by dual polarization interferometry
M. Baumann, M. Textor and E. Reimhult
Analytical Chemistry
, 83, 6267-6274 (2011)
2011.5 Formation of nanopore-spanning lipid bilayers through liposome fusion
K. Kumar, L. Isa, A. Egner, R. Schmidt, M. Textor and E. Reimhult
, 27, 10920-10928 (2011)
2011.6 Design of intelligent surface modifications and optimal liquid handling for nanoscale bioanalytical sensors
L. Feuz, F. Höök and E. Reimhult
In Intelligent surfaces: polymer coatings for applications in bio-related and life sciences, John Wiley & Sons, in press (2011)
2011.7 Patterned biointerfaces
A.B. Faia-Torres, T. Goren, M. Textor, M. Pla-Roca
In Comprehensive biomaterials, Elsevier, in press (2011)
2011.8 Effect of acyl chain structure and bilayer phase state on the binding and insertion of HPA3 onto a supported lipid bilayer
D.J. Hirst, T.-H. Lee, M.J. Swann, S. Unabia, Y. Park, K.-S. Hahm and M.I. Aguilar
European Biophysical Journal
, 40, 503-514 (2011)
2010.1 Refractive-Index-Based Screening of Membrane-Protein-
Mediated Transfer across Biological Membranes

M. Brändén, S.R. Tabaei, G. Fischer, R. Neutze, and F. Höök
Biophysical Journal, 99, 124–133 (2010)
2010.2 Particle lithography from colloidal self-assembly at liquid-liquid interfaces
L. Isa, K. Kumar, M. Müller, J. Grolig, M. Textor and E. Reimhult
ACS Nano, 4, 5665-5670 (2010)
2010.3 Characterization of supported lipid bilayers incorporating the phosphoinositides phosphatidylinositol 4,5-biphosphate and phosphoinositol-3,4,5-triphosphate by complementary techniques
M.K. Baumann, E. Amstad, A. Mashaghi, M. Textor and E. Reimhult
Biointerphases, 5, 114-119 (2010)
2010.4 A gigaseal obtained with a self-assembled long-lifetime lipid bilayer on a single polyelectrolyte multilayer-filled nanopore
K. Sugihara, J. Vörös and T. Zambelli
ACS Nano, 4, 5047-5054 (2010)
2010.5 The resistance of polyelectrolyte multilayers in a free-hanging configuration
K. Sugihara, J. Vörös and T. Zambelli
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 114, 13982-13987 (2010)
2010.6 Reversible pH-controlled switching of poly(methacrylic acid) grafts for functional biointerfaces
M.G. Santonicola, G.W. de Groot, M. Memesa, A. Meszynska and G.J. Vancso
Langmuir, 26, 17513-17519 (2010)
2010.7 Real-time quantitative analysis of lipid disordering by aurein 1.2 during membrane adsorption, destabilization and lysis
T.-H. Lee, C. Heng, M.J. Swann, J.D. Gehman, F. Separovic and M.-I. Aguilar
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes, 1798, 1977-1986 (2010)
2010.8 The role of the interplay between polymer architecture and bacterial surface properties on the microbial adhesion to polyoxazoline-based ultrathin films
B. Pidhatika, J. Möller, E.M. Benetti, R. Konradi, E. Rakhmatullina, A. Mühlebach, R. Zimmermann, C. Werner, V. Vogel and M. Textor
Biomaterials, 31, 9462-9472 (2010)
2010.9 Locally functionalized short-range ordered nanoplasmonic pores for bioanalytical sensing
M.P. Jonsson, A.B. Dahlin, L. Feuz and S. Petronis
Analytical Chemistry, 82, 2087-2094 (2010)
2010.10 Improving the limit of detection of nanoscale sensors by directed binding to high-sensitivity areas
L. Feuz, P. Jönsson, M.P. Jonsson and F. Höök
ACS Nano, 24, 2167-2177 (2010)
2009.1 Poly(methacrylic acid) grafts grown from designer surfaces: the effect of initiator coverage on polymerization kinetics, morphology, and properties
E.M. Benetti, E. Reimhult, J. de Bruin, S. Zapotoczny, M. Textor and G.J. Vancso
Macromolecules, 42, 1640-1647 (2009)
2009.2 Formation of individual protein channels in lipid bilayers suspended in nanopores
A. Studer, X.J. Han, F.K. Winkler and L.X. Tiefenauer
Colloids and Surfaces B - Biointerfaces, 73, 325-331 (2009)
2009.3 High-resolution microspectroscopy of plasmonic nanostructures for miniaturized biosensing
A.B. Dahlin, S. Chen, M.P. Jonsson, L. Gunnarsson, M. Käll and F. Höök
Analytical Chemistry, 81, 6572-6580 (2009)
2009.4 Microarray spotting of nanoparticles
T.M. Blättler, P. Senn, M. Textor, J. Vörös and E. Reimhult
Colloids and Surfaces A - Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 80, 61-65 (2009)
2009.5 Giga-seal solvent-free bilayer lipid membranes: from single nanopores to nanopore arrays
S. Kresák, T. Hianik and R.L.C. Naumann
Soft Matter, 5, 4021-4032 (2009)
2008.1 Optical anisotropy of supported lipid structures probed by waveguide spectroscopy and its application to study of supported lipid bilayer formation kinetics
A. Mashaghi, M. Swann, J. Popplewell, M. Textor and E. Reimhult
Analytical Chemistry, 80, 3666–3676 (2008)

Related publications


Advances in nanopatterned and nanostructured supportted lipid membranes and their applications
E. Reimhult, M. Baumann, S. Kaufmann, K. Kumar and P. Spycher Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Reviews, 27, 1-32 (2010)

Surface assembly of catechol-functionalized poly(L-lysine)-graft-poly(ethylene glycol) copolymer on Titanium exploiting combined electrostatically driven self-organization and biomimetic strong adhesion
S. Saxer, P. Portmann, S. Tosatti, K. Gademann, S. Zürcher and M. Textor
Macromolecules, 43, 1050-1060 (2010)

Poly(ethylene glycol) adlayers immobilized to metal oxide substrates through catechol derivatives: influence of assembly conditions on formation and stability
B. Malisova, S. Tosatti, M. Textor, K. Gademann and S. Zürcher
Langmuir, 26, 4018-4026 (2010)


Membrane biosensor platforms using nano- and microporous supports
E. Reimhult and K. Kumar
Trends in Biotechnology, 26, 82-89 (2008)

Nano for bio: Nanopore arrays for stable and functional lipid bilayer membranes (mini review)
L.X. Tiefenauer and A. Studer
Biointerphases, 3, FA74-FA79 (2008)

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